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Municipal Election

Posted by on July 22, 2018

What am I voting for?

  • To Stop Residential subdivisions on the Waterfront (Moody Bay development on Gull is on our radar)
  • To Protect Muskoka’s Natural Character for Future Generations
  • To Ensure Responsible and Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

What do I need to do?

  1. If not already on the Voters List phone the Town Municipal Office during regular business hours at 705 687-3412 to enroll you and one other person in your household.
  2. Go to the MLA and Friends of Muskoka and read about the issues and understand what is at stake.  We need to ensure that our next Town and District Councils are committed to working with waterfront residents to respect and save the Muskoka we all love. We want our elected officials to uphold and abide by the very planning and environment rules that they created instead of rubber stamping glaring variances and courting developers.
  3. This group of Associations, I like to call the Waterfront Warriors are committed to:
    1. recruiting candidates whose views of key issues are aligned to ours
    2. interviewing and assessing registered candidates, both new and incumbents, to determine who shares our values and you will be strong leaders in matters related to fiscal accountability and responsible and appropriate development on the lakes
    3. holding an all candidates meeting in late August so all voters can hear what the candidates have to say – Let’s show we mean business and their future depends on their alignment to our issues
    4. prior to Election day, this group will produce a report card with their recommendations to help inform the waterfront association members where the candidates rank on our common issues.

Fiscal accountability, responsible and sustainable development, One Community – not lake vs in town residents but one Muskoka – working together to preserve what we love and ensuring the same wonderful place we treasure, for future generations.  It’s never been easier to have to your say and it’s never been more important that you do!!

PS Please make sure we have all your emails, and that of your family and neighbours so that we can keep you up to date on the issues. Talk this up on the dock or at the parking lot.  This is our future!

Questions?  Comments?  Email or call us – our contact info is available on the About Us page

Donna McLean,  President & Jim Davis, Development Chair GSLRA

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